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Learn The Science To Becoming Relaxed, Content, At Peace And Well-Rested.

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Tap Into Your Mind's Ability To Find Happiness, Peace, Control, And Success, No Matter Your Current Environment.

Streamline Meditation is the rediscovered, purest and highest form of meditation available today.

It is a simple, naturally occurring process, that is best practiced for 20 minutes, morning and evening, while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed and back supported.

No fancy postures, just however you like to sit, in a quiet spot and feel relaxed.

It is completely different to other forms of meditation as it involves no repetition of mantras or watching the breath. It also requires no concentration, focusing the mind or trying to stop thoughts.

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Meet the team

Streamline Meditation is taught by Malcom and fully accredited coaches who have undergone a minimum 12 month teacher training program. All coaches have been professionally trained by Malcolm Fletcher to retain the purity of technique and effectivness. They are the only licensed users of the registered trade mark, Streamline Meditation.

Malcom Fletcher

Founder of Streamline Meditation

Troy Drake

Executive Coach

Brooke McDonald

Client Relations Manager

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